Price list

Puppy Introduction Groom – younger than 6 months (prices from £15.00) – No body clipping is included in this price.

This includes 2 shampoos and conditioner as recommended for your pooch, Blow dry, Eye trim, Face trimmed and shaped, Paws, Pads and hygiene area trimmed, Ears cleaned and plucked and Nails clipped. Its very important to introduce your puppy early to being groomed, as this will make it easier as they become older. Introducing them early will make it an enjoyable and stress-free experience for your pooch.

Puppy (6+ mth)/Adult Full Groom (prices from £23.00)

Includes coat prep (rake, brush etc) 2 shampoos and conditioner, Blow dry, Body clipping and styling to suit your breed of dog, Eyes, Face trimmed and shaped, Tail trimmed and shaped, Pads and paws trimmed, Ears plucked and cleaned, Nails clipped and hygiene area trimmed and cleaned. If you are unsure how you would like your dog to be groomed don’t worry.  When you bring your pooch we will discuss what is the best style and products to suit them best, we also have available a Groomer’s Manual advising on different cuts for various breeds.

This price does not include De-matting service.

Wash and Dry (prices from £15.00)

This includes 2 shampoos and conditioner, and a blow dry.

Don’t forget you can have your pooches nails clipped for only £5.00 extra.

De-matting (prices from £5)

This is an extra charge that will be discussed with you on arrival, the cost will be dependant on the severity.

Drop-In Services

Eye/Face Tidy from £5.00

Ear Plucking Or Nail Clipping from £5.00

Please note Parkview Dog Grooming only accepts Cash at the moment. 

Apologies in advance

Please note all prices are subject to change

For an exact quote for any request please don’t hesitate to contact us via telephone or using this email form


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Price List


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