Welcome to Pawroma. Let me first tell you a bit about myself. I am a qualified holistic therapist and have always had a great interest in the holistic benefits of aromatherapy and the advantages of using pure essential oils. Myself and my family are all dog lovers and have for the last 10 years been licenced breeders, specializing in Pedigree British Bulldogs. Around 7 years ago I opened my own dog grooming business which has continued to grow every year. I have seen first-hand how stressful some of our doggies find a grooming experience.

This got me thinking, is there a way in which we can help our doggies both in the salon and at home. I took my beauty therapist knowledge of how essentials oils and aromatherapy can benefit a person, and we started to look at how we could apply this to help pets both at home and in our salon.

The burning of candles has long been used to help eliminate odours and many claim to provide benefits such as helping with anxiety and providing calming effects. During my research, I discovered that many of the scents in the candles contained artificially enhanced fragrances which  contain harmful chemicals when burnt, particularly not being great for pets, and dogs especially, whose noses are up to 40 times more sensitive than our own.

This pushed me to look at creating my own range wax melts and tea lights which are made with natural ingredients, and the dogs in the forefront of my mind. I wanted to ensure I knew exactly what ingredients have been used for my own safety and wellbeing of any users. After a lot of research, I found that I could combine a natural soy wax and aromatherapy grade essential oil, to offer a safe and natural product containing only two ingredients. With my knowledge of aromatherapy, I understood that not all essential oils are suitable for pets, and can even be harmful, whilst others provide great benefits.  I have chosen a small number of scented oils that can help with anxiety and stress, particularly great during times such as fireworks.