(Cymbopogon Flexuosus). A wonderfully pleasant, deodorising smell, very similar to the long-loved lemon sherbet sweet. Its characteristics are that can promote peace and tranquillity through its uplifting scent, helping with anxiety and depression. It also has antibacterial properties and is great at keeping insects away, so can be useful as a flea, tick and mosquito repellent.

(Lavandula Angustifolia). Used by the makers of pet aromatherapy products more than any other essential oil, it has a beautiful sweet floral scent. it is gentle, antibacterial, antipruritic (anti-itch), it acts as a central nervous system sedative, thus creating a very relaxing, and deodorizing scent.

(Cedrus Atlantica). A beautiful fresh woody scent. Its characteristics are that it can help to improve circulation, it can help deter fleas, whilst also helping with anxiety and insomnia.

Sweet Orange
(Citrus Sinensis). This popular oil has a beautiful, uplifting, deodorising scent. Its characteristics are that it calms, deodorizes, repels fleas. It can help stimulate appetite and can promote better digestion. It can also help with insomnia/anxiety & depression.

Please note – Whilst Pawroma does not make any medical claims around these oils being able to cure or prevent any illnesses, through my Holistic Qualifications and experiences, I believe the products help build the foundation for the help and support of a healing process.